Tellthebell is basically a survey for the customer’s satisfaction. It is taken by the United States based one of the largest food chains, Taco Bell. A survey is a review given by customers to the particular company that is conducting the survey. Recently Taco Bell is giving its first priority to their customer’s so now, they are conducting a survey to know about the food and services they are giving to their customers.

Taco Bell is a chain of fast-food restaurants. They are improving their services day by day. Their first priority is always their regular customers who love to visit them again and again. It is founded in 1962 in Downey, California. Later on, Pepsico purchased Taco Bell in 1978. Their service is one of the best in the U.S. By the time they started serving in more than 26 countries.

What is Survey?

The survey is one type of review for customer satisfaction. It is a review given by the customer to the company. As standard companies always take surveys from their customers to improve themselves. Through a survey, companies get an idea of how they are serving their customers, what changes they need to do so their customers become loyal to them.

What is Customer Satisfaction Survey?

TellTheBell is one such survey taken by TacoBell. The survey helps them to know which service or food is most loved by their customers. So that they can know what changes they need to do. They care for their customer so, they are providing some reward to the person who is taking part in their survey.

TellTheBell survey is one such survey in which you can use your valuable time for that they are giving super exciting prizes and reward money. So they make their customers loyal and happy as always they trying to do.

How to take part in Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Now you have had a brief idea of the survey, so let’s discuss how to take part in their survey. First of all, you need the receipt from your last order as their survey code is printed on it. Let me guide you by few simple steps to take part in :

  1. First of all open their official Tellthebell – Direct way to submit your honest feedback (copy and paste in new tab). Now enter the 16-digit survey code printed on top of your receipt. Then click on Start.
  2. If the Survey code is not present on your receipt then you have to follow a few other steps as follows,
  3. You need to click on the link which shows “Click here” shown just above the Start button.
  4. After clicking on that link new page will open like this.
  5. On this page, you need to enter a few details like Store Number, Date, Time.
  6. Now click the Start button given below.

After answering the questions asked in a survey they ask for your Name and Number if you are ready to share. While taking part in the survey you need to keep a few instructions in mind that always go to their official website because no one else is going to give you price amount of $500 as it’s TacoBell’s customer so they are giving the price to one of their lucky winner’s. They are just asking a few simple questions about your order and satisfaction.

Now, Answer a few simple questions asked by them according to you which gives them an idea about how customer’s are enjoying their services. I already told you that they are giving price to their lucky winners and who knows it may be you. So it is always good to take chance where you do not lose anything.

Terms and Conditions to take part in TellTheBell Survey.

  1. A person must be US citizen to take part in survey.
  2. Only a person whose age is 18 or above can take part.
  3. You must have a valid receipt of TacoBell which contains 16 digit survey code.
  4. If survey coupon code is not present in the original TacoBell receipt, then you can take part by adding few another details I already discussed.
  5. Employee’s or their family member’s are not able to take part in survey.

Purpose:- Customer Satisfaction Survey

Country:- United States

Languages:- English, Spanish

Reward:- $500


Q) How to take part in the TellTheBell survey?

A) You can easily take part in the survey by simply using the steps given below.

Q) Who can take part in the survey?

A) A person who is a citizen of the US can take part in the survey.

Q) What are the requirements to take part in the survey?

A) Order receipt by Taco Bell is the only thing which you need to take part in.

Q) What are Taco Bell’s opening hours?

A) 11am–9pm

Q) Is it safe to provide numbers in the TellTheBell survey portal?

A) Definitely Yes, you can provide your contact details without any hesitation as they are only accessed by professionals.

Q) How long will it take me to answer the TellTheBell survey question?

A) It will hardly take 5 to 10 mins to answer the question.

Q) What are the benefits of ordering online at

A) You can avoid the long queue by ordering online from your place. It also saves your traveling time.