Let’s face it: cleaning blinds is one of those tasks everyone struggles with. You have questions and we have answers. Try these tips for how to clean blinds.

If there’s any chore that seems to continually be put off until the last minute it’s cleaning the blinds. It’s tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

What if you could learn how to clean blinds without having to schedule your whole day around your cleaning schedule? Keep reading to find out how to keep those blinds in tip-top shape in just a few minutes.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

If you notice a lot of extra dust hanging around your blinds, you might want to break out the vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment is a great way to pick up excess and debris on and around your blinds.

If you’re doing a more thorough cleaning, a vacuum cleaner will come in handy to collect all the dust that’s fallen to the ground. Be sure to vacuum your window sills as well to collect remaining dust.

2. Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is one of the best tools you can use when cleaning vinyl, wooden, and aluminum blinds. This is a top choice when it comes to giving your blinds a good wipe down. Microfiber cloths are positively charged, which helps them attract dust and dirt particles directly off your blinds. It’s also easy to clean and reuse for your next cleaning escapade.

3. Damp Towel

A damp towel is not only good for wiping down dust and dirt, but it’s also helpful in removing any small stains you might find on your blinds. You can use this damp towel to clean any kind of blinds, but be careful not to get your cloth too wet as it could damage them.

Using warm water or a mixture of water and dish soap to remove those stubborn stains and dust. A simple wipe down will make all the difference in the look of your blinds.

4. Use a Hair Dryer

Believe it or not, a hairdryer is great for those hard to reach places. Using the cool setting, focus on each slat to rid it of any dust. This can also be a great way to get rid of small insects that are in the corners of your windows. After you blast your blinds with a shot of cool air, be sure to finish up by running your vacuum across the carpet to get that extra clean.

5. Take Down Your Blinds

While it’s one of the more time-consuming efforts, you might need to take your blinds down to get a deep-down clean. You can use a car washing brush and some soap mixed with warm water to effectively clean your blinds. You can also opt for the plan that involves putting them in your bathtub to give them a good scrub. Either way requires a lot of effort but will result in a deep clean.

Become an Expert on How to Clean Blinds

Learn how to clean blinds quickly and easily without setting aside significant time out of your day. Take a task that was once tedious and time-consuming and make your blinds your new favorite item to clean.

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