Two Gals & A Broom Service Terms:

By requesting a quote or ordering Two Gals & A Broom cleaning services by telephone, email, or the website, the client accepts and agrees to Two Gals & A Brooms service terms. This is not a contract. We would never ask that you sign a contract with us. If you are ever unhappy with your service you most certainly are not under contract and can find another cleaning company that will meet your cleaning needs. We ultimately want you to be happy with your cleaning service.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If we are very busy, you may get our voice mail. Calls are returned promptly. If you reach us after hours, we will return your call by the next business day.


Our offices are closed on all major holidays which are; New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas.


You will receive an occasional newsletter or email from us. Our newsletters contain important updates on holiday closures, snow days, interesting home management tidbits, and information on additional services or specials.

From time to time we may snap a photo of a room or something within the room that we have cleaned. We may use these photos in our training programs for new staff, our client portfolio, and social media. Your personal information such as name, address, or anything of that nature will always be kept confidential. If you would like to opt out of this, please let us know.

Customer Feedback:

Each of our clients has different needs. Please keep us informed of any comments or suggestions you may have. The more specific feedback we receive, the better cleaning our staff can do for you. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, please let management know of your concerns within 24 hours of the service.


Two Gals & A Broom utilizes technology to provide a smoother customer experience. You will receive an automated reminder email three days prior to service, as well as a reminder text the day before. You may respond to the email, or text that is sent. You will have the opportunity to opt out of these. Please note that 816.472.GALS (4257) is an office landline and unable to accept texts. You will also receive a follow up survey after each cleaning via email.

Our cleaning techs work from a scheduling app on their phones and GPS coordinates are registered at the time of input, this ensures they arrive and leave each home safely.



Two Gals & A Broom Inc. provides the products and equipment necessary to clean your home. Our products are earth-friendly and completely safe for your surfaces. If you would like us to use a product we do not carry, then please provide that product and we will be happy to use it in your home. We cannot, however, guarantee the safety of products that you provide. For heavy build-up or stains, we may request your permission to use a stronger cleaning agent, which may contain toxins. Please ask our office if you would like more specific information on our products.

Customize cleanings are available to fit each need. Please communicate these needs to our management staff and we will be happy to accommodate them, so long as the requests are for tasks in which our cleaner has been professionally trained. We offer several different types of cleanings tailored to your needs. Below is a list of the tasks performed on each type of cleaning, and how our time is used.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleanings:

These are deep cleanings in a house or apartment where there is little or no furniture. These cleanings include our typical home cleaning services and for an extra cost we can work from a list of priorities, typically completed via email. This cleaning includes
the inside of cabinets.

Repeat House Cleanings:

After the first cleaning, we charge a fixed rate for regular service (weekly, bi-weekly, & every 4 weeks). This rate includes the basic tasks listed below:

Living Spaces:

Dust knickknacks, furniture, cobwebs, and window sills; dust moldings and baseboards as needed; dust ceiling fan blades and light fixtures; clean glass on the front, rear, and any sliding glass doors; change bed linens (if left out) on one bed (typically the master).

If more beds are needing the sheets changed there will be an extra charge; remove trash and replace bags (please let us know where you keep the bags); tidy the overall room appearance; dust blinds (we are only equipped to do a superficial blinds dusting, scrubbing or thorough cleaning requires a blinds specialist); vacuum floors and carpeting; and damp mop all non-carpeted surfaces.

Scour all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets; clean sink, counter, and mirrors; scour shower/tub walls, and fixtures; dust shelving, nick knacks, and picture frames; empty trash; and damp mop all non-carpeted surfaces including back behind the toilet.

Clean exterior of large appliances; clean inside and outside of microwave; clean small countertop appliances including underneath and behind the small appliances; clean counter tops and back splash; clean sink area (including window above sink if applicable); empty trash; and damp mop all non-carpeted surfaces.

Additional cleaning services:

The following items are offered at an additional charge.

  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean the oven
  • Clean reachable interior windows within reach using a two-step ladder
  • Sweep out garage or basement
  • Clean out the fireplace, we cannot remove wood, this is a general vacuum out
  • Cleaning of interior windows

Cleaning Times:

We do our best being prompt to meet the cleaning time indicated, but traffic and other clients may affect our schedule. If our scheduled cleaner will be more than 30 minutes late, we will contact you. If no arrival time is listed on your quote form, then the cleaning will be completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Our cleaners appreciate your flexibility. When possible, please allow for an open time frame rather than exact arrival time.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due on the day of service by credit card and/or debit card. Clients are given advance notice of any price increases. Two Gals & A Broom reserves the right to raise prices at any time.

Late Fee:

Overdue payments are subject to a late fee of $25.00.

Late Cancellation/No Show Fees:

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment we require at least 48 business hours’ notice (excluding weekends). We must adhere strictly to this policy to prevent lost wages for your cleaner. Should a cleaning appointment be canceled less than 48 hours in advance, or if the cleaner is unable to enter the house, a cancellation fee of 50% of that cleaning’s cost is charged to the credit card on file. Should cleaning be rescheduled by the client less than 48 hours in advance, and not canceled, a fee of $25.00 will be charged. You may reschedule or cancel cleanings by emailing, or contacting our office at (816) 472-4257.

On the rare occasion that Two Gals & A Broom must reschedule or cancel your cleaning less than a 48 hours’ notice, a $15.00 credit will be offered on the next cleaning. If our offer to reschedule is refused by the client for any reason, no credit will be granted.

Weekly client’s: If you need to skip a cleaning, the price on your next cleaning will increase to a bi-weekly price (for the next cleaning only).

Bi-weekly client’s: If you need to skip a cleaning, the price on your next cleaning will increase to a monthly price (for the next cleaning only).

4-week Client’s: If you need to skip a cleaning, the price on your next cleaning will increase by $65.00 (for the next cleaning only).

When appointments need to be canceled or skipped, it will take our cleaners longer to complete your next cleaning. This increase is to allow for that additional time. While we do not typically bill by the hour, we do look for a certain hourly range, and changing the frequency of cleaning affects our time.


We are a pet-friendly company and appreciate your help in making sure pets will be safe and secure on cleaning days. Our office should be made aware of any special requirements for safeguarding your pet(s).

For health reasons we have instructed our staff to leave certain items and/or areas untouched; pet homes/beds, litter boxes, vomit, and/or fecal matter. Our teams will clean around these areas. If your pet has an accident, it will be your responsibility to clean it up.

Inclement Weather:

Sometimes the weather or roads are snowy/icy. In these instances, we will do our best to make it to your regular cleaning while keeping the safety of our staff as a number one priority. If we must cancel due to the weather, we ask that you are flexible with us as the schedule will change. We will do our best to add you to the schedule within the next 48 hours after our closure. We will not offer any credit or charge a cancellation on cleanings that are rescheduled due to the weather.

Assigned Cleaner: 

Your assigned cleaner will be your default cleaner except for illness, vacation, personal emergency, or an ongoing schedule change. If your default cleaner has an ongoing schedule change or no longer works here, another trained cleaner who will have your home’s customized Work Order will complete your home.


Two Gals & A Broom never requires tipping, but you may tip if you would like. On several occasions, we are asked what a “typical cleaning tip” should be. We let our clients know they are not required, but if they wish to do so 15-20% of your cleaning price is industry standard. Just leave your tip with your payment and management will make sure that the money is distributed properly. That is just a special thank-you for our hard work. Also, leaving us a note of appreciation means so much to us. We sincerely appreciate your business. 

Your Valuables:

If you have valuables or heirlooms, including but not limited to any irreplaceable, collectible or expensive objects, it’s preferred that these items be secure and put away to avoid potential accidents. You are responsible for letting us know of any valuables that you prefer we not clean or handle. Please secure jewelry, money, credit cards, and checkbooks. We are not responsible for missing items that have not been locked/secured for safekeeping. If there is an item that is believed to be missing, it must be reported to us within 24 hours from the completion of the service in efforts to properly investigate the issue.

Loss or Breakage:

Our staff is trained to take extra care with your belongings, however regrettably and although not common from time to time, something gets broken or damaged. If there is an item believed to be damaged by one of our cleaning professionals, it must be reported to the company within 24 hours from the completion of the service in efforts to properly investigate the issue. If we damage anything during the service being provided, we will notify the customer immediately. In the event an item is damaged or broken, we reserve the option to repair or replace the item.

We cannot take responsibility for items that were broken because they were not properly attached or secured (for examples, a hanging picture that was improperly attached to the wall or an item that is propped against a surface, scratches to hard surface/hardwood floors with furniture that doesn’t have proper felt pads or something preventing scratches when being moved to clean around/under). Two Gals & A Broom Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured well beyond the minimum amounts purchased by many house cleaning companies. Ask our office for details on insurance limits.

Glass Shower Door(s):

You are responsible for notifying us if your glass shower door(s) are NOT 100% secure. However, the team that arrives to service your home will inspect your shower door(s) to make sure that they are fully secure before cleaning the shower. If upon inspection the team recognizes that your shower door(s) are not fully secure you will be notified of the risks immediately. At that time, our cleaners will skip cleaning them to avoid damage.

At your next cleaning, you have the option to decline service of your shower and/or shower door(s) or we can proceed with service. If the client decides to proceed with service of the shower and/or shower door(s) pictures of your shower door(s) will be taken prior to the start of servicing the shower doors(s). Additionally, the client agrees not to hold Two Gals & A Broom nor its employees responsible if this results in the shower door being damaged/broken. Two Gals & A Broom is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item.

Lifting & Climbing & Bending:

Our employees are very important to us. We take extra precautions to keep them safe, so they do not climb higher than a 3 ft 2-step ladder, move or lift items heavier than 20 lbs., or clean floors on their hands and knees, except for bathroom floors. These types of activities put our cleaning staff in danger of back injury or could even damage something in your home. However, there might be times when you want us to move furniture for example; tables, large chairs, etc. in these cases we are not responsible for; their breakage due to aged/old or faulty manufacturing nor are we responsible for any damage moving these items may cause to your floor.

The cleaning team will not move furniture that contains electronics. The cleaning team will not pull out any appliances (for example a stove, fridge, washer/dryer) however if you move it prior to the cleaning visit to allow access we would be more than happy to clean the exposed areas. We do ask that you place the appliances back into their proper place as well.

Non-Solicitation of Employees:

When a client enters into an agreement for services with Two Gals & A Broom, the client understands that they will pay a [$2,500] training fee to Two Gals & A Broom should they choose to engage in a working relationship directly with any employee during the course of their service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Two Gals & A Broom Inc. strives to offer 5 star cleaning services for our clients. If you are unhappy with any cleaning service provided, please notify us within 24 hours of service for us to address and correct the problem. If we receive prompt notification, we will come back to examine the problem. If the problem involves the quality of service we have provided, we pledge to correct the problem at no charge.

If we do not receive notice of a problem within 24 hours of the cleaning, or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we are not able to correct the problem for you nor will we be able to compensate for your inconvenience.

A minuscule list of things we CANNOT do:

● Clean or remove blood or any bodily fluids, fire or water damage, or mold. We are not trained in these areas nor are we equipped
● Clean the interior of curio cabinets (will only feather dust exterior)
● Provide any pet or children-related services, nor empty diaper pails
● Clean/Shampoo carpet
● Clean chandeliers or remove any light fixtures
● Provide stain removal
● Wash walls
● Clean exterior of windows
● Remove paint
● Service outdoor areas
● Clean areas above the reach of our 2 ft step-ladder
● Clean animal waste or litter
● Wash and put away dishes, if there are dishes in the sink, we will move them to clean the sink and place them back in the sink
● Laundry
● Our policy on encumbers, like a desk full of paperwork, if there are more than six items on the surface, we only swifter the items and the surface

Two Gals & A Broom reserves the right to refuse to service homes with ANY insect infestation (including seasonal). If our cleaners find an infestation, the cleaning staff will leave the property. We will contact you immediately and charge a cancellation fee.

If you have any questions about our policies please feel free to reach out to us! 472-4257