Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-02-02T06:17:34-06:00

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Below are the most frequently asked questions asked by our client’s. If there any questions you have that are not answered on this page please feel free to reach out to us via email:, or phone: 816-472-4257. We would love to add your questions to our frequently asked questions page! 

How do I get started?2023-04-05T14:41:52-05:00
Do your cleaners undergo a background check?2023-04-05T14:51:31-05:00

All applicants go through an in-depth application and interview, nationwide criminal background check, and several reference checks.

What type of training do your cleaners have?2021-02-02T06:15:52-06:00

When hiring, we’re looking for those candidates that will succeed with us long term. We carefully select the best applicants. All applicants go through an in-depth application and interview, nationwide criminal background check, and several reference checks. Each cleaning partner takes exams (and must pass) on product knowledge, safety, problem solving skills, our policies, and procedures. This all gets them ready for their 12 week training program.

How many cleaners complete my cleaning appointment?2022-07-27T15:02:03-05:00

In most cases, a single cleaner will clean your home, with the exception of first time cleans and larger homes.

Are you bonded and insured?2023-04-05T13:44:21-05:00

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured well beyond the minimum amounts purchased by many housecleaning companies. In addition, we also carry workers compensation.

I would like recurring service. How does it work?2024-03-19T07:28:33-05:00

To get started, we ask that you submit a quote request on our website by clicking this link: Get a Quote. Our “get a quote form” will ask you all of the things that we need to know in order to provide you an accurate estimate.  Upon receiving your quote, we will email you back with pricing and availability that we have on our schedule. Our appointments book fast, the sooner you respond with confirmation on starting service, the better. Once we receive your go ahead confirmation of service, we will get you on the schedule as a recurring client. If you selected weekly on Tuesdays, expect that we will complete your cleaning appointment every Tuesday (barring issues or weather delays). If you select monthly on Tuesdays, expect that we will arrive to your cleaning every 4 weeks on Tuesdays etc..

What if I would like to supply my own cleaning products?2021-02-02T06:14:51-06:00

We have all of the necessary supplies and equipment to complete your home cleaning. If there are certain items or products that you would like to use please notify our office at the time of booking, provide the items/products with notes for the cleaners, and we would be happy to use them.

How long does the cleaning usually take?2021-02-02T06:14:36-06:00

This varies from house to house. Typical times with a team of 2 cleaners are 1.5 – 3.5 hours depending on the size of the home.

Do you do laundry?2021-02-02T06:14:20-06:00

No, we are not able to complete laundry. Typically, we have completed the home before the laundry cycle would complete from wash/dry/folding.

I have booked an appointment, now what happens?2021-02-02T06:14:04-06:00

Once you have been placed on our schedule you will receive an email confirmation of your initial appointment. Then, 72 hours prior to each recurring appointment, you will receive a reminder email that we are coming to complete your appointment on the “said day”. 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a short text reminder that says tomorrow is your favorite day of the week (cleaning day!). It doesn’t literally say that, we just know that’s our clients favorite day of the week! On the day of cleaning, our cleaners will always send a courtesy text letting you know they are in route with an estimated arrival time.

Do I need to tip the house cleaners?2021-02-02T06:13:49-06:00

We never require tipping, but you may tip if you would like. We have been asked on several occasions what a “typical cleaning tip” should be. We let our clients know they are not required, but if they wish to do so 15-20% of your cleaning price is industry standard. Just leave your tip with your payment and management will make sure that the money is distributed properly. That is just a special thank-you for their hard work. Also, leaving us a note of appreciation means so much to us. We sincerely appreciate your business.

Do I have to be home during the house cleaning?2021-02-02T06:13:35-06:00

Nope! Only if you choose to be. Most clients prefer to “stay out of the way,” so they can get other things accomplished before returning home to a perfectly cleaned house. It’s customary for most clients to leave us a key on file, or a garage code to use for each cleaning. If you prefer to be home, you’re more than welcome to, and we’ll be happy to work around you.

If I provide a key, how is it kept secure?2021-02-02T06:13:20-06:00

Upon receiving your key, we tag it with your first name only which makes it identifiable only to those within our company. No address, no nothing. The key is then placed in our key safe at the office until cleaning day. Once the cleaning is completed, the key goes back in our key safe until the next appointment. If someone outside of our company came across the key, they would have no way of knowing to whom it belonged.

Do you send the same cleaners every time?2021-02-02T06:13:06-06:00

Yes and no. You’ll be assigned a default Team Lead for recurring weekly and bi-weekly service. They may have a different cleaner with them from time to time. In the rare event of vacation/sick days, if your Team Lead is out, your cleaning will be completed by either another Team Lead, our Trainer, or our Field Manager (and their team members). Ongoing schedule changes do happen occasionally. If anything needed to change with your appointment, we would absolutely provide as much advance notice possible. Most of our clients love every cleaner they get. If you’re not wowed with your “fill in” team, please let us know and we will get any concerns addressed immediately. Rest assured, we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied!

What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?2023-04-05T14:55:35-05:00

We are a pet friendly company! Our cleaners enjoy meeting your pets! When you complete our “get a quote form” we ask you about your pets and if there are any special instructions regarding them. Most clients choose to leave them in a kennel, or a room that we do not clean if they’re not going to be home. Our cleaning products are safe for all types of families and their pets.

What if I’m not completely happy with the cleaning?2023-04-05T14:38:54-05:00

Your satisfaction is our priority! We stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the job isn’t done to your satisfaction, just leave it as it is, and call us within 24 hours of service so that we can correct the issue. We’ll come back and correct any concerns at no charge. If the work was done well, but more time was needed to finish all that you would have liked done, we can arrange to schedule more time at your next cleaning appointment. In addition, after each cleaning you will receive a 1 click survey that will also let us know if there was anything we could do differently, or better. We love client feedback and work hard to ensure each home is cleaned perfectly with each visit.

What is appropriate client etiquette?2021-02-02T06:11:00-06:00

Client Feedback is #1. Everyone wants a clean home, but you might be surprised by how widely that vision varies between clients. Please communicate with us often. You are always encouraged to double check our work – thoroughly, even! Our Team Leads are always checking the work of their team members and it is their responsibility to thoroughly check each home by doing a final walk through.

What do I need to do to prepare for my house cleaning?2021-02-02T06:10:22-06:00

It’s customary to pick things up off the floor and declutter counters and surfaces, within reason. This allows your cleaner to focus on the nitty gritty dirt and grime. Dishes are considered a daily chore, so please clear your sink and counters of any dirty dishes to the best of your ability. Your cleaner will be happy to move a few dirty dishes out of the way to clean the sink. After the sink is cleaned, they will place them back where they found them. If you have selected for us to change bed linens, please leave them out on the bed that is to be changed. Our cleaners will place the dirties neatly in the laundry room, or other area is specified.

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