Is your bedroom no longer your sanctuary or a place you want to lie down at the end of the day? If so, choose to clean it today.

A messy bedroom can add stress, interfere with your sleep and even cause anxiety.

Cleaning up a cluttered bedroom may appear to be a daunting task, but with a simple plan in place, you can clean it extensively and in record time.

Cleaning your bedroom help in getting rid of dust particles that cause respiratory diseases. Being able to breathe well allows you to have better nights and enjoy your sleep.

Since we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, keeping things neat is important. This guide will help you know how to clean your bedroom the right way.

Grab Your Supplies

Few of us have bedroom cleaning supplies stored in our bedrooms. Gathering supplies before beginning the job will prevent you from getting distracted and failing to complete the task.

First, you’ll need to get a basket, bag, or a box to out clutter items. Proceed to get a vacuum cleaner or a broom and dusting supplies to clean the room later on.

Don’t forget to get a hamper to put in your dirty container. Lastly, get a trash container to facilitate the proper disposal of waste.

Take Out Trash

The easiest task for your bedroom cleaning is taking care of simple everyday messes. It’s recommendable for every person to have a small wastebasket in their bedroom. Use the wastebasket to dispose of clothing tags, tissues, or late-night snaking peals.

Having a small wastebasket prevent you from cluttering your room with all sorts of waste.

Ensure you throw any trash around the room first before emptying the basket.

Pick Up Dirty Clothes

Pick up any dirty clothes and place them in a hamper. For the hamper to effectively play its role, fit it in the closet and leave it open. An open hamper will make it easier for you to use during rushed mornings instead of dropping clothes on the floor.

Proceed to strip your bed. Even if you shower before bed every night, keep your sheets washed and changed regularly. Remove the sheets, pillowcase and duvet and put them into the hamper.

Take all your dirty laundry from the hamper and load it to the washer.

Arrange Your Clean Clothes

While your dirty laundry is in the washer, fold and organize any clean laundry you have lying around. Place all the clean clothes and the appropriate places to create space.

Use a few minutes to clear your floor space and tuck shirts and pants into the dresser drawers. Your closet will appear organized if you hang your sweaters and blouses facing a similar direction.

Proper arrangements make it easier for you to file through your clothes.

Clear Surface Clutter

At this point, you’re halfway through your bedroom cleaning. For deep cleaning purposes, do away with the clutter on the surfaces.

Your nightstand, vanities, desks, and dressers are prone to becoming drop zones of different objects daily.

Please take a few minutes to put all the items back in their right locations on these surfaces. The best solution to common picking up of keys, cosmetics and choosing jewelry is creating an organization system.

You can get a tray and place it on the dresser. Divide the tray into sections and have enough organized space for placing your keys, cosmetics and jewelry.

Get a small box and place it in your nightstand drawer. Use it to place your reading glasses or any other accessories.

Decluttering your surfaces help you in creating space and improving in overall well-being.

Wipe the Surfaces

Now that your room is free of clutter wipe down all surfaces.

It’s your responsibility to choose the appropriate cleaner. First, get a cleaner that is friendly with the surfaces. As you clean, causing harm to the surfaces.

It’s recommendable to get a dusting spray, glass cleaner, and antibacterial wipes. These products will help with effective sanitization.

Wipe down the tops of the tables, dresser, and vanity. Pay attention to the legs of the chairs, dresser fronts, and nightstands.

For four-post bed owners, take time to clean the posts and the headboards. These are essential areas to clean since they are prone to dust.

Wiping off the surfaces will help you have access to a clean bedroom and also promote good respiratory health. Clean spaces also encourage relaxation at night.

Dust Curtains and Light Fixtures

Curtains, lampshades, light fixtures and window treatments collect dust fast. You can lightly dust these areas with a duster. If you don’t have a duster, use your vacuum on a low setting to clean them.

During this time, you’ll have a chance to identify the fixtures and curtains that require replacement.

Dusting these areas helps in clearing up allergens that cause allergies. Clean curtains and light fixtures also help in brightening up the room.

Cleanup the Windows and Mirrors

The light should shine through your windows without any stains or scratches disrupting your view. Use a streak-free cleaning agent to wipe down all windows and glass-paneled doors in your bedroom.

Clean the mirrors from top to bottom.

Cleaning windows and mirrors will help in extending their lifespan.

Sweep or Vacuum

Your bedroom will only be spotless from top to bottom after doing all of the above and then cleaning the floors.

Remove and vacuum any rugs for hardwood floors before sweeping the entire floor. You can leave avoid mopping and leave it for deep seasonal cleaning.

Use a vacuum to clear out the dust and other particles for your carpeted floors. For either method, you use, reach as far as under the bed and other heavy furniture.

Remake the Bed and Put Away the Cleaning Suppliers

Is there anything better than sliding under clean, fresh sheets? As the other sheets wash, take a fresh spare set and spread them on the bed. Replace the duvet and finish making your bed.

Once you’re through with the cleaning, return all the cleaning supplies to their rightful positions.

Learn How to Clean Your Bedroom Today

Save your time, energy, stress and start enjoying your sleep by using this guide on how to clean your bedroom.

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