A clean house offers a healthier environment both physically and mentally. For example, did you know that living in a clean home reduces stress and fatigue? Clean homes also contain fewer allergens and germs. 

Many homeowners want cleaner homes but don’t have the time or energy to clean them. The solution is to hire a cleaning company to handle the work. 

If you pay a cleaning lady to handle these duties, you’ll reap the benefits of a clean home without spending your time doing the work. However, you might need to take some steps to prepare for the cleaning crew. 

How should you prepare? Check out the following tips to know what you should do to get ready for your cleaning lady.

Choose the Right Cleaning Company 

You should prepare your house when hiring a maid service, but you must also hire the right company. You can choose a company by considering a few vital factors:


First, you must limit your search to local cleaning companies. For example, you can look up “cleaning companies in Kansas” if you live in Kansas City.


Next, you should consider hiring an experienced company. A professional, established business provides better services than a start-up business. 


You can also read the company’s reviews to find out what others think, as these reveal a lot about a cleaning company’s services, costs, and reputation. You can also ask them for references to learn more.

Licensing and Insurance

Finally, it would help to always make sure a cleaning company has the proper license and insurance. Cleaning companies need a license to operate.

They also need specific types of insurance for their protection and yours. You can ask them about the insurance coverage if you’d like more information. 

Once you choose a company, you can start preparing for the cleaning services. 

Communicate Your Desires

The first way to prepare is by communicating your desires. Then, whether it be a cleaning man or woman, a cleaning company will customize your services to meet your desires and needs. 

Every homeowner has unique needs or desires with cleaning services, and you’ll need to express those desires to the cleaning crew. You may want to do this when you ask for a quote, but you can reiterate it when they arrive.

It might also be helpful to leave a note for the cleaning company with the tasks you’d like them to focus on while cleaning your house.

For example, you might want them to focus on the bathrooms and kitchen. Or, maybe you’d like them to clean your basement when they come. The vital part is ensuring the housekeeping company knows what you want. 

Lock Up Your Pets

Another vital step is to lock up your pets before the cleaning person arrives. The cleaning crew can’t clean your house if you have pets running around. 

If you have a dog, you might want to put it in a cage before they arrive. You could also put it outside if you have a place for it. 

If you have cats, you might need to lock them in a cage or place them in a room with the door shut. However, if you lock your pets in a room, make sure you tell the cleaning company. 

You can place a sign on the door that alerts them of this or leave a note if you’re not home when they arrive. 

Hide Personal Things 

The next thing you should do to prepare for the house cleaners is to hide your personal things. For example, you might have things in your bedroom that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. If so, hide them in a drawer or closet.

Cleaning companies won’t rummage through your drawers or cabinets unless you specifically ask them to complete a task that involves these areas. 

It would help if you also hid your valuable things. For example, if you have a stack of cash at home, you shouldn’t leave this out. Instead, lock it in your safe. You can protect yourself and the cleaning company by locking up valuable items.

You may want to do this with your jewelry, financial documents, and other valuable or personal items that you own. 

Remove Clutter

It’s also helpful to remove the clutter in your house before they arrive. A cleaning company can clean up clutter, but most people don’t expect that. 

Instead, most people hire cleaning crews to scrub their homes. Instead, they hire them to scrub the floors, sinks, and bathtubs. Additionally, they ask them to vacuum, dust, and clean mirrors. 

The house cleaners will have trouble deep-cleaning your home if it’s full of clutter. However, if you can focus on clearing away the clutter, they can focus on the vital cleaning tasks. 

Clean Food Messes

Most companies that offer house cleaning services do not clean food messes. They expect the homeowners to handle these tasks. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t leave food on your countertops or in various rooms in your home. You also shouldn’t leave a sink full of dishes unless you discuss this with the cleaners beforehand. 

If you’d like them to do your dishes, they likely will, but you must express this desire when requesting a quote for services. 

Let the Cleaning Lady Clean

Your house doesn’t need to be perfect for the cleaning lady. After all, you wouldn’t need one if your house was spotless. However, it would help if you took the time to complete these steps to prepare for the cleaning services.

Are you ready to hire a cleaning company? If you live in Kansas City, contact Two Gals & A Broom. We offer customized cleaning services for affordable prices. 

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