The Amazing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Its Many Uses

When you want to keep up with daily chores in between using professional cleaning services, explore the many uses of an amazing microfiber cleaning cloth.

The average American spends about $50 per month buying cleaning supplies.

But quickly replacing these cleaning supplies is the powerful and handy microfiber cleaning cloth.

If you never used a microfiber cloth to clean your home, keep reading to learn tips and tricks and why microfiber works well.

What is A Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

A microfiber cloth is a cloth made of tiny microfibers. These cloths are versatile, and the microfibers grab a variety of different debris, such as dust, germs, and food particles. This is because the fibers are charged and attract anything on a surface.

Not only will they clean just about any surface, from countertops to windows, to stainless steel, but the square footage of the cloth allows you to tackle surfaces with only one cloth! They’re also environmentally friendly and won’t pile up in landfills.

Contrary to popular belief, microfiber clothes do not kill bacteria. With their powerful microfibers, they absorb them off the surface and store them in the cloth. So, instead of spreading bacteria around with chemicals, you’re removing it.

How to Use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Because of the versatility of microfiber cloths, there are several ways you can clean almost any surface in your house!

1. Countertops

Your countertops take the brunt of baking and cooking and are often coated in germs, grease, and grime. Microfiber cloths are stars at removing all of this. Wet a portion of the microfiber cloth and start scrubbing away.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to saturate the microfiber cloth but dampen it.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shows many fingerprints and smudges, but they’re no match for microfiber! Damping a part of the cloth, wipe away the prints and other smears, and buff with a dry microfiber cloth until it shines.

3. Dusting

Dusting with a regular cloth moves the dust around to other surfaces. Microfiber cloth is perfect for dusting because they capture the soil inside the fabric, and there’s no need for wetting. Once you’re done dusting, vacuum the cloth to clean it.

4. Floors

90% of bacteria that’s in your home are tracked in through your shoes!. Microfiber cloth pads are available and attach to a mop to help you clean your floors. Because of the absorbency of the microfiber, you’re properly removing all the germs and bacteria to ensure that your floors stay germ-free.

5. Glass

Microfiber cleans glass, too! With microfiber, you get a streak-free shine, and it’s incredibly easy. Run a damp microfiber cloth over the dirty parts of the mirror and buff it with the dry side.

How to Care For Microfiber Cloths

Maintaining the cleanliness of the microfiber cloth is simple.

Once you’re done using it, rinse it with hot water to clean it, making sure the running water is clear. This cleans the fibers.

Wash your microfiber cloths once a week if you’re using them frequently. Avoid bleaching or using fabric softener as this will damage the fibers. Air dry them or run them on a low cycle in the dryer.

Microfiber Cloths: Cleaning Made Easy

A microfiber cleaning cloth is a wonderful way to clean nearly every room in your house with just water, saving you both money and time!

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