Infographic - Survey On Working Moms And House CleaningYou know what they say about working mothers. They say that her work is never really done. Consider these survey results about working moms that were taken by a Kansas City house cleaning company in order to get a better understanding of why working moms need more help.

Kansas City House Cleaning Working Moms Statistics

When moms work, who does the housecleaning? Well, according to the survey about 75% of moms try to get their kids to help but believe that they need reminders. At the end of the day, 73% of those moms say that they are the ones who end up picking up things and getting everything tidy for the next day. Despite this, 68% of working mothers say that they suffer from feelings of guilt because they don’t think they are keeping their houses clean enough.

Why should families care about keeping a clean house? Just about 68 percent of the moms say that they do their best to keep their houses clean in order to enjoy a feeling of peace. At the same time 60% of these moms say they never really believe that they do a job that is good enough, so their homes are not really that clean. They feel as if they are being judged by other members of the family, neighbors, and other visitors.

Do other family members help keep the house clean? The survey says that 56% of mothers feel that part of her duty as a good mother is to keep her house clean. Still, 43% of these moms don’t think that their kids do enough to help, and 40% of moms don’t believe that their husband helps as much as he could.

What’s the messiest room in the house? According to the figures, about 34% say that their kitchen is the room that needs the most tending is is tough to keep clean and tidy. This makes sense because kitchens usually get a lot of use in busy families, and they are a constant source of dirty dishes, spills, and so on.

What’s The Solution To Keeping The House Clean

Working moms have a tough jobs. Typically, these ladies have to get up early to get kids ready for school, get themselves to work, and then they have to come home to even more work. This work seems to include tidying up, helping kids with homework, and then getting everybody to bed. The next day, the whole thing just starts over again.

Maybe it’s time for more families with working moms to consider getting some housecleaning help. Working mothers have their own jobs, and they also have the big job of raising their kids. By hiring a housekeeping service, mom get get some relief from all of this work.

Since working moms seem to worry about keeping their houses clean, a housekeeper can also help ease her mind. Most families learn that everybody is happier when mom is kept happier. A house keeping service seems like a great idea!