Did you know that there are about 46 million adults over the age of 65? As people age, maintaining a clean living space becomes even more important to maintaining strong overall health.

If you have a senior loved one in your life, knowing how to help them approach cleaning can keep them safer. Sometimes they may need some extra assistance. Read on to find a practical guide to house cleaning for seniors!

Declutter and Donate

As people age, it can become more challenging to get rid of items that don’t see much use. Some of these objects might hold nostalgic value. Or a senior may simply lack the mobility to stay on top of decluttering.

When it comes to cleaning tips for seniors, a big one is to step in and help with decluttering. Suggest the idea of donating objects to local charities. Seniors might find it easier to part with items if they know someone else could use them. 

Decluttering doesn’t need to happen every week. Consider sitting with a loved one as each new season starts to help them remove items they no longer use. 

Remove Tripping Obstacles

For seniors with mobility or vision issues, something as simple as a misplaced shoe can become a significant tripping hazard. A big part of elderly care is ensuring that your senior has a safe dwelling. Take the time to check their home for obstacles that could lead to dangerous falls. 

For instance, an area rug that becomes bunched up could become a problem. Or toys from the grandchildren could find their way into hallways or common spaces.

Work with your loved one to find designated spaces for bulkier items. And create a list of common obstacles to watch out for. For instance, if a rug is prone to bunching, it may be time to remove it. 

Keep Cleaning Supplies Accessible

To keep a home clean, it helps to have cleaning supplies within easy reach. You don’t want your loved one to be wandering everywhere trying to track down the right cleaner for the job. And you don’t want them reaching for cleaning products in places that are hard to access, like high shelves.

One helpful solution is to use a rolling cart. Store scrubbing brushes, gloves, buckets, and cleaners in one of these for the ultimate convenience. Use a tiered cart where you can assign each tier to different types of products. 

A cart can be stored in a hallway closet. And your loved one can wheel it into the room they’re cleaning without any difficulty. You may even want to get a cart for each floor of the house. 

Clean the Fridge

It’s also smart to make a point of managing your loved one’s fridge. If they are unable to do so, there’s a good chance that spoiled foods are lining the shelves. And the last thing you want is for anyone to inadvertently eat those foods. 

Make a point of going through items in the fridge with your senior each week or twice a month. Prioritize foods by placing those with upcoming expiration dates toward the front. And if time permits, look for recipes where you can put those ingredients to use.

But don’t end the cleaning and organizing there. Use sanitizing wipes to clean the shelves and bins within the fridge. And don’t forget to clean the door hands and ice or water dispensers, too. 

While you’re at it, help your loved one load and unload the dishwasher to avoid having too many dirty dishes in the sink. Take out the trash. And wipe down kitchen counters to create a germ-free cooking and eating space. 

Organize Medications

Cleaning also can entail organizing mediation. For senior couples, this might translate to using separate drawers or bins to contain each person’s medication. That way, there won’t be a risk of mixing up medications. 

Consider helping your loved one apply bigger labels to medications. For instance, the label can indicate the day and dosage needed in bold print. Further, you can order the medicines by the date when they will need to be taken.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a small home or apartment may take a few hours for a younger adult. But as a senior, limited mobility and muscle loss can make cleaning a long and tedious task. Worse yet, it can end in frustration and a sense of resignation. 

By stepping in to help and sticking with a schedule, cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore. Consider designating one day for laundry and another for cleaning the kitchen. Another day can be devoted to going through the mail and paying bills. 

And if you don’t have the time to help with cleaning, a qualified cleaning service can fill that void. They can mop floors, dust baseboards, and clean the blinds. They also can attend to bathrooms to keep them sanitized.

A good service will work with your senior to come up with a schedule that works around their plans. You may want to use them once a month, for instance. But they also can come in and do a one-time thorough cleaning before a family gathering. 

Pursue House Cleaning for Seniors

House cleaning for seniors may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Help the seniors in your life create a cleaning schedule, and work with them to declutter and create a safe living environment. They’ll also benefit from having an orderly fridge and clearly labeled cleaning supplies.

Even the most diligent people can need a little help keeping their homes clean. When you’re ready to get help with house cleaning, contact us for a free quote!