For many of us, the winter months are not only busy months but also the ones where we are stuck inside most often. The months when the cold claws at the windows and the furnaces work overtime to ensure that everything on the inside of our homes is warm and toasty. This means that the winter brings with it new house cleaning challenges.

With the elements outside chilled and frozen over, your house cleaning regimen may need to reflect this change in temperature. Looking for some winter cleaning hacks? You’ve come to the right place.

Follow below for some tips for winter cleaning your home! You’ll feel confident in your clean and ready for winter home in no time.

Go Through Your Clothing

One of the best things to do in the winter months is to go through any unwanted clothing. This is the best time to get rid of and put away those summer clothes and anything that isn’t worn too often. Carefully throw out or donate anything that is unwanted.

When you go through your clothes you remove clutter that’s been taking up space in your closets and draws. This is also a great way to make room for any new items that may be acquired during the holiday season. Many closets find themselves with fresh items during this time of the year.

When going through your closet don’t just put these items in a bag or box and forget about them. Instead, look for the best place for these items you no longer have use for to be given a second life.

Recycle Excess Paper

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you probably have that junk pile that has built up from mail and excess ads. Make part of your winter house cleaning checklist to go through those papers and get rid of the things that aren’t necessary. The winter months give you an excuse to stay inside and go through papers.

Any of those documents and pages that can be recycled should be thrown right into your bin. Carefully comb through those piles and put anything that is important in a designated area.

Going through these papers allows you to reduce some of that buildup and clutter that may be around your home. The chilly winter months are a great excuse to get these types of things completed.

Deep Clean Your Stove

Unlike the freedom of outdoor barbecues that come in the summertime, a lot of your cooking is going to be done inside of your home. Your surface area and stove see the most use in the winter months. Prepare for this by giving your oven a deep clean.

Carefully scrub down and soak the stovetop for the best results. Remove any of that hard-to-get grime and treat any of those sticky messes you might have put off till now.

Most ovens have a self-cleaning timer you can leave on for an extended amount of time. Just make sure you vent a window while the stove is cleaning itself. Always remember to wipe out any remaining ash inside of the stove after the self-clean.

Dryer Vents Need Attention

Just because you can’t see the build-up in your dryer doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. in fact, too many people don’t think to clean the vents in their homes. This is how many house fires begin.

In the winter months, it is especially important to keep on top of these areas to prevent any fires from starting. Take the time to clean out your dryer vents, and remove all lint buildup from causing devastation inside your home.

Wash Down Your Windows

The cool months are a great excuse to pull in a little extra sunshine that you’re probably not getting. Wash your windows with newspaper and clean out all of that dust and those smudges that have been gathering for weeks.

For the best results when it comes to cleaning your windows, use newspaper for the best streak-free look. You could also take this time to wash any of the curtains and drapes that may be around your windows.

Cleaning your windows is an opportune chance to get rid of some of those allergies that may be clogging the air in your home. Give your house a great clean and yourself the ability to breathe better.

Change Any Possible Filters

The winter months are also a great time to change any of the air filters in your home. You can do this either yourself or by contacting your HVAC company. Cold weather brings bad air circulation along with it.

Unlike summer when you and your loved ones are constantly outside breathing in the fresh air, winter often locks you inside your home. Be sure that the air inside of your home is safe and clean during those cool and chilly days.

Cleaning your filters prepares your home for the season and gives you the reassurance that everyone is safe through those cold winter months.

House Cleaning for the Winter Months Is Deeply Different

When it comes to the winter months, the outdoor elements are constantly trying to get inside. Your germs are trapped along with you due to the windows frequently being shut as well. These house cleaning tips are ones to help protect you and your family during the long winter months.

Prepare your house for the cold winter months with these cleaning tips and when you’re ready for a professional hand, we’ll be waiting to assist you. Let us knows when you’re ready to get started by contacting us here.