Did you know that your shoes pick up dangerous bacteria throughout the day, such as E.Coli? When you wear your shoes indoors, around 90% of that bacteria is transferred to your floor. 

Some of the best ways to reduce the number of bacteria on your floors are to avoid wearing your shoes inside and keep your floors clean. Because there are so many different types of flooring, what are the best methods for cleaning floors?

Keep reading for 5 tips on how to clean floors so that you can have a spotless and germ-free home!

1. Use a Welcome Mat

If you want to keep your floors clean, you should place a welcome mat in front of your door. Between coming home after a rainstorm and pets running in and out, a welcome mat will help capture dirt, water, and germs before they come inside. 

Be sure to wipe your feet off before coming inside. If you have children, you should teach them to do the same. Wiping your feet will reduce the number of germs on your floor and decrease how often you have to clean. 

2. Vacuum at Least Once per Week

Do you have carpets in your home? If so, you should aim to vacuum them at least once or twice per week. Carpets are home to dust mites, germs, and mold, which can cause allergies and irritation. 

For high-traffic areas in your home, like the living room and hallways, you should vacuum daily. If you have hardwood floors, you can get a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. 

3. Don’t Use Vinegar on Stone Floors

A common cleaning myth is that you should use vinegar to clean your stone floors. While DIY floor cleaner is great for stone floors, you should avoid those with vinegar.

The acidity in the vinegar can damage your floor. Instead, use a cleaner that has a neutral pH level

4. Use a Dry Mop on Laminate Floors

Are you wondering how to clean your laminate floors? The best way to clean laminate floors is by using a dry mop. If you mop your laminate floors with water, you risk the liquid seeping into the flooring and ruining it. 

If you have any stains or tough spots on your laminate floors, you can use a small amount of laminate wood floor cleaner to remove the stains. 

5. Choose the Right Hardwood Floor Cleaner

If you have hardwood floors, you should use the right cleaner. To determine the best cleaner for your hardwood floors, you need to determine if you have a surface finish or a penetrating finish. 

If you have a wax finish, you should use a dry mop only on your hardwood floors. If you don’t have a wax finish, you can use water and pH-neutral soap. 

Do You Need Help Cleaning Floors?

Keeping your floors clean reduces germs in your home and makes your floors look nice. When cleaning floors, make sure to keep these tips in mind to avoid damaging them and to make sure they are spotless. 

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