Does someone in your household deal with pesky allergies? Whether they pop up around seasonal changes or they’re present all year long, it’s a pain to have to manage them when you’re inside your own home!

Did you know that your carpet might be making allergies worse? It’s true. Carpet fibers can hold onto grime and dust and make being indoors a miserable experience.

We’re here to offer you some carpet cleaning advice so you can avoid some of these carpet-dwelling allergens. Keep reading to learn more.

Vacuum Daily

How often do you vacuum your home? For most people, the answer is “once per week” or less. While your carpet might not look dirty between vacuuming sessions, it’s collecting dirt, pollen, dust, and fur as you walk around. It’s even worse if you keep your windows open.

When someone in your home struggles with asthma or environmental allergies, even waiting a few days between vacuuming sessions can lead to serious sniffles, coughs, or worse.

You won’t have to vacuum every day year-round unless someone has a significant allergy. Track when allergies are worse and focus your cleaning efforts there. For example, someone who deals with a pollen allergy will likely need to clean more often during the spring. 

Your vacuuming sessions can be quick during the week and longer when it’s time for your heavier cleaning sessions. 

Invest in a Steam Cleaner

So now that you’re vacuuming daily, how else can you keep your carpets as clean as possible? 

If someone’s allergies are severe, a good steam cleaner might be the best option. These cleaners get deep into the carpet fibers to get rid of any lingering dirt, dust mites, and grime. It’s easier than shampooing your carpet, and there’s a lower risk of water damage or mold (which can make allergies even worse). 

You don’t have to steam clean every day or even every week. Once per month, as long as you’re making a habit of vacuuming often, is enough. 

Hire Professional Cleaning Services 

If despite your best efforts, you’ve been unsuccessful at conquering pesky allergens, it’s time to bring in professionals to help. This is especially important if you live in an old home or you’re just getting started with your routine cleaning process.

By having professionals come in and help, you’re giving yourself a blank slate. It’s easier to maintain a clean home than it is to clean in the first place. 

Professional cleaners have all of the right tools to make your carpets clean and soft. After a professional cleaning session, allergies should be no problem. 

Carpet Cleaning for Allergies? No Problem

Allergies are the worst, but with the right carpet cleaning strategies, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and cough-free home in no time. Develop a good cleaning routine, invest in a high-powered steam cleaner, and don’t be afraid to ask professionals for help. 

Speaking of professionals, at 2 Gals and a Broom, we want to make your home sparkle! Contact us to request a quote and schedule a cleaning session today!