You’ve tried meditation, warm bubble baths, calming music, and every other self-care technique in the book to boost your mental health – but nothing works! Have you considered the possibility that it’s your environment that causing your stress and uneasiness?

Having a clean home can improve your mental health including your mood and ability to focus. So stop searching for goat yoga classes and start searching for your vacuum and rubber gloves. The list below will convince you once and for all that cleaning a home is the best way to support your mental health!

Stress Less

About 73% of Americans report having stress that affects their mental well-being. A messy home can contribute to that stress. Clutter, dust, and disorganization can contribute to a higher level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body.

The action of cleaning your home can increase your feeling of control over your environment and decrease stress. And having a professional cleaning service can decrease stress even more because you don’t have to find the time and energy to clean.

Improve Focus

Do you ever experience a lack of focus while trying to work at home? You may be thinking that you’re destined to be a procrastinator but it could be your messy home that’s the culprit.

Declutter your home for 30 minutes before you start working. Notice how having a clean space makes it easier to focus on the task in front of you. Not only are you improving your mental health, but you may also be improving your productivity and success at work.

Confidence and Control

People feel better when they perceive they are in control. And while we can’t always control every part of our life, we can control the cleanliness of our homes. A clean home allows us to feel in control and confident when we approach new or difficult situations.

So if you have been feeling uneasy or restless in your home, try a deep clean. Notice how differently you feel when things are cleaned up.

Physical Health

Mental health and physical health are highly connected – so cleaning for mental health also supports physical health! Removing dust, dirt, and pollen can reduce allergy symptoms. Keeping a clean home can also support the immune system.

A clean bathroom can prevent certain illnesses and a clean bedroom can help you sleep soundly. The benefits of a clean home far outweigh the time and energy of cleaning or the price to hire a cleaning service.

Cleaning a Home Will Change Your Life

If you’ve been feeling anxious, stress, depressed, or overwhelmed your messy home could be contributing to the problem. Taking some time to clean your home can help you feel less stressed, more focused, and in control of your life.

If the idea of cleaning a home is too much to handle, that’s okay! You can contact us and request a quote today. We will clean your home so that you can focus on your own health and wellness.